The New Normal

As we return to lessons for the 2021/2022 school year and are navigating the transition out of the pandemic, we will be easing into the New Normal at Forte. Following the direction of the public health authority, businesses have been allowed to eliminate their Covid-19 Safety Plan, and to begin to remove some protection measures that were previously mandated. As health and safety is our number one priority at Forte, we will be making this transition slowly and plan to keep many of the protective measures in place. Below is more information about what will remain the same, what will be slightly different, and our reason for doing so!

The New NormalWhat will remain the same:

• Masks will be mandatory as per the health order issued on August 24, 2021.
• The lobby will remain closed due to the size of the space. Please use the lobby for drop-off and pick-up only.
• Teachers and students are asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell. We provide to option of completing an online lesson to any student that has stayed home due to illness. Please call or email the studio with a minimum of 1 hour notice to allow sufficient time to have an online lesson arranged.
• Hand sanitating or handwashing is required prior to entering lesson rooms. Hand sanitizer will still be available as you enter the lobby.
• Teachers will be wiping down the touch surfaces of their teaching studios at the beginning of each day, as well as throughout their teaching day as needed.
• The studio will receive a deep clean once a week by a professional cleaning company.
• Each teaching studio will be equipped with a “squeaky clean bin” containing hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, medical masks, and a disinfectant spray for pens/pencils.
• Plexiglass barriers will remain in each lesson room and may stay in place for protection, and teachers will maintain distanced from the student where possible.

What will be different:

• The washrooms will be open again.

Why are we keeping some of the Covid-19 protective measures in place?

We are proud that we had the healthiest school year in Forte history last year thanks to students and teachers staying home when they were sick, and the excellent hand washing and sanitizing that occurred. With the optionality and flexibility to teach online lessons when students are ill, we saw a major decrease in missed lessons last year. We love to keep our students making music and by practicing healthy hygiene routines that were instilled through the pandemic, we can all keep making music together.

We are hoping that as we move into the new normal, we can continue with our new safe behaviours, and keep the studio running as healthy as possible. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!