Music Lesson and Home Practice

Music Lessons and Home Practice

Music lessons only come around once a week, which means that the majority of learning time is spent at home. We capitalize on the weekly lesson time with regular home practice. Learning any musical instrument, including piano and singing that we teach here at Forte, takes both intellectual understanding and muscle memory. The understanding we Read more about Music Lessons and Home Practice[…]

Sickness and Music Lessons

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Sickness And Music Lessons

As the weather is changing and cooling with the start of fall and we spend more time indoors with other people, the occurrence of cold and flu bugs begins to increase. The first illnesses of the season have started hitting children in schools including some of our students at the studio. The goal is always Read more about Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Sickness And Music Lessons[…]

4 Recital Tips

4 Tips For a Fantastic Recital Performance

Recital season has officially arrived, so we wanted to offer some tips and advice to have a fantastic recital performance with a big smile on your face. Keep reading below! 1. Repetition The saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Fortunately this is true. When we repeat an action over and over it is committed to long term Read more about 4 Tips For a Fantastic Recital Performance[…]

Music Theory Summer Camp

Music Theory Summer Camp

This August we will be teaching a music theory class perfect for beginners! So, what is music theory, you might ask? Music theory is basically the language of music. Studying music theory would be like studying the components of a language, how those components work together, and how they are used practically by writers (composers) of music. Read more about Music Theory Summer Camp[…]