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Music lessons are offered in a variety of formats for all ages. We offer lessons in piano, singing, music theory, composing, and choir.

At Forte School of Music we strive to instil the love of music to students of all levels and ages including children and adults. As classically trained musicians and teachers, we provide a technically sound musical foundation for every student, so they have the ability to explore many genres. We feel passionately about staying connected to the musical community and provide our students with many opportunities to get involved and perform outside of their regular lesson time.
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Discover your passion for music, whatever your age or ability. Develop your gift in an encouraging and individualized environment with repertoire suited to your level and interests.
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From Handel and Schubert to Taylor Swift and One Direction: learn the joy of singing with proper, healthy vocal technique. Our qualified teachers will teach you to sing in a variety of styles.
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Experience a community of music lovers. Share your joy of song with others while exploring the melodies and harmonies of choral music, in Forte’s adult choir “In Harmony”.
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We offer both group lessons as well as individual tutoring to prepare for Royal Conservatory (RCM) practical theory examinations, or for students wishing to enhance their musical education.
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Learn the basics of composing! Perfect for a singing or piano student interested in learning the basics of composing. Option to use Garage Band to record and finesse a recorded track, and ways to enhance your recording, layer drum beats, and manage simple editing techniques. Let your creative side grow! Learn more.

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Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, with extensive experience in both performance and music education.
They focus on proper technique applied to a variety of musical styles.

Vicky Gamble

Piano | Singing | Choir | Theory | Owner
Vicky grew up in the Cowichan Valley. She has a BFA in Music from York University in Toronto and a Diploma in Music from the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Vicky’s goal is to help students find music they can connect with so that they become inspired to grow as performers and musicians.

Christina Hoffman

Piano | Singing | Theory
Christina grew up in the Cowichan Valley and is completing her ARCT in vocal performance with the RCM, in which she has studied voice, piano, and music theory. She has also studied at the Victoria Conservatory. She loves passing on the joy of music to her students.

Brenna Bazinet

Singing | Piano
Brenna grew up in the Cowichan Valley. She has a Bachelor of Music from Ambrose University where she studied voice and has won multiple awards for competitions in Alberta and BC. Brenna is looking forward to inspiring her students to find their musical voice and passion for their instrument.

Angelica López-Arzate

Piano | Theory | Composition
Angelica graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Master of Music in Piano Performance, where she also studied music pedagogy, composition, and theory. She is passionate about doing musical arrangements, playing piano, composing, and inspiring love towards music.

Alie Mathieson

Singing | Piano | Theory
Alie graduated from Victoria Conservatory of music with diploma in music performance (classical voice). Alie believes learning music is not only fun, but it also helps us to grow personally and socially by building confidence, teaching patience and discipline, enhancing creativity and practicing teamwork.

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