A Typical Singing Lesson At Forte

Typical Singing Lesson At Forte

Beginning anything new for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking. Singing lessons in particular can feel more intimidating to begin because you are the instrument. Hopefully this brief glimpse into a typical singing lesson will help ease your nerves and give you that extra boost of confidence to give it a try. We promise, you’ll love it

A typical singing lesson at Forte has 3 basic parts:
  1. We begin a singing lesson by loosening and relaxing our body with some simple stretches. Singing involves many of the major muscle groups in our body, which is why it is extremely beneficial to warm up these muscles. Similar to any sports practice you have ever attended where you run a few laps to loosen up, we encourage a gentle physical warm up for singing as well.
  2. After warming up our bodies, the next 5 to 10 minutes of a singing lesson are spent on doing a proper vocal warm up which consists of various vocal exercises. The vocal exercises use a combination of vowel sounds and vary in length and difficulty depending on the student. Often times this is where you can hear some pretty silly sounds coming from a teaching studio! We use these exercises to help teach about the fundamentals of singing and build a solid technical foundation for singers. Relating again back to sports, the vocal warm ups and exercises would be similar to practicing sports drills. These exercises build skills, muscle memory, range, endurance, musicianship, and more.
  3. The remainder of the lesson time will be spent on learning songs. Generally we include a mixture of Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire along with musical theatre, movie songs, jazz tunes, or popular music. We tailor song choices to each student to ensure we are covering appropriate material for their age and ability level, as well as songs they will really enjoy singing. It is in the repertoire section of the lesson where we transfer the technical skills we learned in the warm up over to the material we are working on.

The ultimate goal in singing lessons is to learn how our instrument works and to use it in a safe and productive way. And to have fun doing it! Like any new skill, it takes time and effort to learn and improve, but with practice, singers begin to find more ease and self confidence which allows for us to explore more difficult material.

At Forte School of Music in the Cowichan Valley, we believe that the more you love the material you are working on, the more inclined you will be to practice! We love finding music that suits each of our students individually and helping them grow to become confident, skilled, and well-rounded musicians.

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