5 Things That Make Our Music Studio Stand Out

About one year ago, the three of us (Vicky, Stephanie, and Christina) sat around a table with a pot of tea and brainstormed what our ideal music studio would look like. After lots of brainstorming sessions (and many pots of tea), the foundation finally emerged for what is now Forte School of Music in the Cowichan Valley.

Here are a few of our main beliefs, ideas, and things that we feel make our music studio stand out:

  1. We Aim to Inspire. As three young and energetic teachers with a passion for music, it was our top priority that our music studio embodied the same sense of life. At Forte we strive to createa balance between classical techniques that the three of us grew up with and the fun and lighter side of music that helps keep music lessons inspiring and engaging.
  2. Music School | Stephanie, Vicky, and ChristinaWe are qualified. At Forte we have extensive backgrounds in music and music education. Our music qualifications help bring our teaching to the next level, providing students with sound ideas and techniques to be applied to their instruments. Our solid musical foundations allow us to be creative and progressive as teachers.
  3. We believe in performing. We believe that performing is an integral part of being a musician and we aim to create as many opportunities as possible for our students to gain performance practice. Our students are encouraged to take part in community events such as the Cowichan Valley music festival, charity events, RCM examinations, and more. For those that are just delving into performing for the first time we have created smaller, studio wide opportunities for them to boost their performing skills, such as our monthly vocal masterclass series and our studio wide recitals which take place twice a year.
  4. We believe in community. As three local Cowichan Valley women, we believe in the importance of community and being an active part of the place we live. We were thrilled to open Forte School of Music in the heart of Downtown Duncan for this very reason. Being in such a central location has proven wonderful for parents, as there is plenty to see and do while they wait for their children. We also greatly appreciate the opportunity to interact with the local business community.
  5. We believe in flexibility. We acknowledge as teachers that no two students are the same, and therefore no two music lessons should be the same. With our fresh and forward thinking teaching methods, we are able to be flexible and create music lessons that work for each individual. Part of what we love as teachers is helping to find what works best for each of our students so they are able to be as successful as possible, and also so they enjoy the learning process.

Now just over a year later, after our initial brainstorm session, we can proudly look around and see what first started as a dream and is now Forte School of Music … A music studio in the heart of where we all grew up, embodying our most important ideals in music education, and allowing us endless opportunities as teachers to do what we love most: to teach and help instill the love of music in those who cross our paths.