Meet Jaye

Jaye Watts (pronouns: they/them) is the newest member to the Forte School of Music team of teachers. Jaye is from Victoria, BC and has been classically trained in piano and theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jaye teaches piano, songwriting, guitar, and recording and production.

Jaye’s musical training:

Jaye is classically trained through the RCM in both piano and music theory. They are also formally trained in recording and production techniques, holding a Diploma of Professional Recording Arts from the Art Institute of Vancouver. Jaye plays the guitar as well and is entirely self-taught.

In their teaching:Meet Jaye Watts

Jaye takes a two step approach when teaching music: the first step is to lay a strong, solid foundation of theory and proper technique. The next step involves delving into music that excites the student—whether that is Beethoven, learning to improvise, playing your favourite pop songs, or writing and recording your very own creations! Jaye will take you through these steps in each lesson, helping you build your skill while having a whole lot of fun at the same time.

A little known musical fact about Jaye:

Jaye has been part of putting together the Bicycle Music Festival in Victoria over the last two years. Jaye was the sound tech, running the (pedal powered!) sound stage for the musicians who took part. The event also involved a group bike ride, and this year they had a mobile performer singing and playing an accordion through the streets of Fernwood!

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