Meet Angelica

We are excited to welcome Angelica López-Arzate as the newest team member at Forte School of Music. Angelica teaches piano, theory and composition at Forte.

Angelica’s musical training:

Angelica graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Master of Music in Piano Performance, where she also studied music pedagogy, composition, and theory. She has performed in Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, USA, and Canada.

Meet AngelicaIn Angelica’s teaching:

She is passionate about doing musical arrangements, playing piano, composing, and teaching with the aim of inspiring love towards music, motivate an individual expression, and develop creativity in students. Her philosophy is that music not only has benefits in cognitive development but helps us to be more complete people by developing sensitivity to our environment, to culture, as well as it is a means of emotional expression fundamental for personal well being.

A little-known musical fact about Angelica:

Is that she loves to do music arrangements for piano, and is just beginning to get into music production as a tool for other musical instruments!

Angelica’s favourite style of music to play is:

This was a difficult question to answer (as she loves to play most music!) however, if she had to choose she would pick classical or Latin music!

If you are interested in taking lessons with Angelica, sign up for lessons here.