Meet Vicky

Vicky GambleVicky Gamble is one of our fabulous music teachers at Forte School of Music. Vicky teaches singing, piano, and the vocal ensembles.

Her musical training:
Vicky grew up in the Cowichan Valley and began her musical studies in both singing and piano at the age of 8. There was never any doubt that Vicky was going to pursue music as a career path. Following high school she completed her Diploma in Music from the Victoria Conservatory of Music followed by her BFA in Music from York University, in Toronto.

In her teaching:
Vicky’s goal is to help students find music they can connect with so they become inspired to grow as performers and musicians. From pop songs to opera arias the number one priority in Vicky’s teaching is always vocal health and technique to help create a beautiful and sustainable sound, regardless of the genre.

A little known musical fact about Vicky:
Vicky has a huge love for musical theatre and can often be found listening to entire soundtracks of new musicals on repeat. Her current favourites include ‘Waitress’ with music by her favourite artist, Sara Bareilles as well as ‘Hamilton’ with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

On opening Forte:
Vicky feels thrilled to have opened Forte School of Music in the Cowichan Valley, the place where her musical journey began many years ago. She feels this is a very full circle experience, and is excited to be a part of the wonderful music community of Duncan.

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