Meet Alie

We are growing here at Forte again, and thrilled to introduce our newest teacher, Alie Mathieson. Alie will be teaching singing, piano and theory at Forte beginning January 2023. 

Alie’s musical training:

Alie graduated from Victoria Conservatory of music with diploma in music performance (classical voice). She was placed on the Dean’s Honour Roll twice and received multiple awards from the conservatory during her time at VCM. Alie started to learn guitar, violin, and music theory in private lessons since she was a teenager along with her studies at school and university. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Alie has performed in multiple choirs and orchestras in Iran and Canada.

In Alie’s teaching:

Teaching and learning music are Alie’s passion in life. Time flies for her when she is teaching music. She has taught guitar, violin, voice, music theory, and basic piano. Her goal in teaching is to inspire love towards music and develop self confidence in performance. Alie believes learning music is not only fun, but it also helps us to grow personally and socially by building confidence, teaching patience and discipline, enhancing creativity, practicing teamwork, and relieving stress.

A little-known musical fact about Alie:

Beside classical music Alie loves to compose and arrange songs and produce music using digital audio stations such as Cubase and Reaper. Music Production is her second passion after teaching.

Ali’s favorite style of music to play/ sing is:

Alie loves Baroque and Romantic music. Her favorite composers are Verdi, Vivaldi, and Schubert, and the list goes on and on. But she also loves contemporary music (pop, soul, funk, R&B, rock, etc.). She has been a big fan of Michael Jackson since she was 9 years old!

A fun fact about Alie:

Is that at age 7 the song “I wonder” from Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” inspired her to pursue her dreams of studying music.

Contact the studio today to register for lessons with Alie!