Farewell Stephanie

It is with sadness we announce the departure of one of Forte’s creators and teachers, Stephanie Robinson, as she carries on to the next chapter of her life. As of July 1, 2020 Stephanie, will no longer be teaching music with us at Forte as she pursues a new career path and the growth of her family.

Stephanie was one of the three founders that sat around a pot of tea and dreamt up the concept of Forte School of Music along with Vicky Clark and Christina Hoffman. Since that pot of tea, Stephanie has helped to grow Forte to what it is today.

In her time at Forte School of Music, Stephanie touched many students lives and helped them to achieve their musical goals. We know that Stephanie’s students will miss her deeply but will always cherish the musical skills she passed along to them.

On behalf of all the teachers, families and students of Forte, we wish Stephanie well in the next chapter of her life.