Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Sickness And Music Lessons

As the weather is changing and cooling with the start of fall and we spend more time indoors with other people, the occurrence of cold and flu bugs begins to increase. The first illnesses of the season have started hitting children in schools including some of our students at the studio. The goal is always to keep the illness as short as possible and to avoid spreading it to others.

So if you or your child is ill – how do you decide whether or not to attend your music lessons?

Sickness and Music Lessons

As a general guideline – if you are sick and may be contagious, the best thing is usually to stay home and rest. Not only will this help you recover more quickly, but it will prevent the spread of germs to the other students and teachers at the studio. This is especially true if you have a fever, are nauseous or vomiting, or if you have something that can spread quickly and easily, like strep throat that isn’t yet being treated by antibiotics. Waiting for results from a throat swab? Probably best to stay home. Stayed home from school for the day due to illness? Probably best stay home from your music lesson as well.

Got a common cold with the sniffles? You may still feel well enough to go about your usual activities. In this case, we encourage practicing good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs. This includes washing your hands with soap and water before your music lesson (especially for piano students!), and coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow.

For singers, you are the instrument, so if you are under the weather, we may not be able to do much actual singing (though we can often work on text, diction, theory, etc). Keep this in mind if you have a sore throat or a really bad cough, as we don’t want to risk injuring your voice.

We know that missing a lesson is not ideal, but we are trying to protect everyone in the studio, including us, the teachers! In the long run, it is generally better to stay home for a lesson than to keep pushing through, risk spreading it to others, and have the illness linger longer than necessary. Also, if you still have one of your make-up credits available (we offer up to 2 per year!), we may be able to reschedule your lesson for another day when you’re feeling better.

At the studio, our goal is to keep everyone as healthy as possible so we can all keep making beautiful music together! Lysol wipes are awesome, but they can only do so much. So if you are really sick, we encourage you to let your teacher know, stay home and get better, and we will look forward to seeing you at your next lesson!


Note: We are not medical professionals. The information above comes from our experience and observations working with students as well as general information on health websites.