Music Theory Summer Camp

This August we will be teaching a music theory class perfect for beginners!

So, what is music theory, you might ask?

Music theory is basically the language of music. Studying music theory would be like studying the components of a language, how those components work together, and how they are used practically by writers (composers) of music. From learning note reading to rhythmic elements to historical context and composition, studying music theory is an excellent way to enrich what is being learned in music lessons and build a strong structure for any singer or instrumentalist. Our theory class will also include an ear-training component.




Who is this theory class designed for?
This beginner theory class is perfect for students who haven’t taken music theory before. We will follow the RCM Prep Level syllabus, designed for students who are taking Prep level in their instrument (ex: Piano Prep A/B or Voice Prep). It’s also great for students who are at a higher level in their instrument but who have not taken theory before. Some ability to read notes on a musical staff is ideal.

What: Music Theory Crash Course for Beginners
Ages: 8-16 years
When: 6 classes – August 9-24: Wednesdays & Thursdays from 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Cost: $175.00 (includes theory workbook)

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