Meet Christina

Meet Christina | Forte School of MusicChristina Hoffman is one of our fabulous music teachers at Forte School of Music. Christina teaches singing, piano, and music theory.

Her musical training:
Christina began her musical studies when her and her family moved to the Cowichan Valley at the age of 11. She was constantly found singing anywhere and everywhere she went, so her family decided it was time to find a teacher to harness all of her innate musicality. Christina has completed musical studies from Royal Conservatory of Music in singing, piano, and theory, and is currently completing her ARCT in vocal performance.

In her teaching:
As a teacher, Christina is known for being extremely energetic and loves passing on the joy of music to her students. Christina is continuously learning the power of expressing herself through sound, and would like to pass as much of that on to her students as she can.

A little known musical fact about Christina:
Christina credits Disney music as one of the deciding factors in choosing singing as her path. One of her clearest musical memories as a child is singing ‘Part of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid at the age of four and deciding that she would continue to sing for the rest of her life. This was the first of many songs and musical moments to change her life.

On opening Forte:
Christina is excited to have opened Forte School of Music in downtown Duncan because she can contribute to the musical community that helped to make her into the musician she is today. She is grateful to be amongst other musicians and teachers in the valley who believe in how much music can improve and change lives.

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