Jaye Watts

Meet Jaye

Jaye Watts (pronouns: they/them) is the newest member to the Forte School of Music team of teachers. Jaye is from Victoria, BC and has been classically trained in piano and theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jaye teaches piano, songwriting, guitar, and recording and production. Jaye’s musical training: Jaye is classically trained through the Read more about Meet Jaye[…]

How to Help Your Child Practice

How to Help Your Child Practice – a Guide For the Non-Musical Parent

Too often as teachers we hear the phrase “I am not musical at all, so I’m no help when it comes to practicing.” This post is to help end that statement and help guide you in the ways you are able to help your child practice. We’ve summed up how to help your child practice Read more about How to Help Your Child Practice – a Guide For the Non-Musical Parent[…]

Music Lesson and Home Practice

Music Lessons and Home Practice

Music lessons only come around once a week, which means that the majority of learning time is spent at home. We capitalize on the weekly lesson time with regular home practice. Learning any musical instrument, including piano and singing that we teach here at Forte, takes both intellectual understanding and muscle memory. The understanding we Read more about Music Lessons and Home Practice[…]

Sickness and Music Lessons

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Sickness And Music Lessons

As the weather is changing and cooling with the start of fall and we spend more time indoors with other people, the occurrence of cold and flu bugs begins to increase. The first illnesses of the season have started hitting children in schools including some of our students at the studio. The goal is always Read more about Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Sickness And Music Lessons[…]

4 Recital Tips

4 Tips For a Fantastic Recital Performance

Recital season has officially arrived, so we wanted to offer some tips and advice to have a fantastic recital performance with a big smile on your face. Keep reading below! 1. Repetition The saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Fortunately this is true. When we repeat an action over and over it is committed to long term Read more about 4 Tips For a Fantastic Recital Performance[…]

Music School | Stephanie, Vicky, and Christina

5 Things That Make Our Music Studio Stand Out

About one year ago, the three of us (Vicky, Stephanie, and Christina) sat around a table with a pot of tea and brainstormed what our ideal music studio would look like. After lots of brainstorming sessions (and many pots of tea), the foundation finally emerged for what is now Forte School of Music in the Read more about 5 Things That Make Our Music Studio Stand Out[…]

Meet Christina

Christina Hoffman is one of our fabulous music teachers at Forte School of Music. Christina teaches singing, piano, and music theory. Her musical training: Christina began her musical studies when her and her family moved to the Cowichan Valley at the age of 11. She was constantly found singing anywhere and everywhere she went, so her family decided Read more about Meet Christina[…]